The new face of Hall-for-hire

About Us

Who are we?

My name is Paul and my wife is Heather. We enjoy arranging parties
and have organized many over the years from small parties like baby
showers to large barn dances.

Why this site?

When arranging parties we find ourselves searching the Internet and
ringing many places to get more information. We then compile all the
information so as to decide on the best venue for the event. We haven’t
found any websites that provide a comprehensive directory of venues. Any
that do exist seem to only provide basic information like addresses and
website links.

So here we have a site that hopes to fill that gap. To allow you to
search for venues across based on the features you’re looking for,
saving you a lot of time and introducing you to venues you might not
otherwise have found.

Naturally this site is still in the early stages so please bear with us as we add more venues.

Would you like to help?

We’re always looking for extra helping hands in adding new venues or reviews. If you’re interested please contact us